Cruising Equipment Sale

Just added----zincs and custom motor mount

Equipment is from a 40' well found cruising boat. A lot is new equipment that's just been carried as spares

or used only a few times. It's all clean, well maintained, looks good and is in excellent working condition.

As I can, more will be added to this site. I've got 27 years of equipment to liquidate!

Not pictured, I pulled off over a mile of spare halyards, chain and rode!

Two rodes:

300' 5/8"

300' 1/2"   SOLD

No nicks or abrasions.

I have two or 3 halyards. At least one is new with a snatch hook. One is used, excellent condition with snatch hook.

They are either 7/16" or 1/2" and around 110'. Call and I'll get the specifics for you if interested.


Safety equipment:

Floating strobes

Personal strobes

Webbing for jack lines (new, never seen the light of day)

SOS suspenders with harness.    SOLD


Other equipment:


Hatch scoop air vents (2)

New Perko battery switch.

Tons more.


Right now I'm West Marine's worst nightmare!

Call if you need something.



Phone number is at bottom or in QR code.


New prices are from the 2011 West Marine catalog or local vendors.                   





Doyle APC Tri-Radial Cruising Chute.

This sale is in NEW condition. I haven't had it out of the bag but maybe

6 or 8 times. 1.5 oz.


New replacement is $3800. SALE $2000.


Included stay open bag and the sock. I singled handed my boat and

I could get this up with no problems by myself.

My boat pictured is a Caliber 40.


Approximate dimensions:





Flag Set

In NEW condition, this complete flag set includes letters, numbers, answering pennant and repeaters. Total of 40 flags. Flags measure 12" x 18" and the bundle rolls up into a compact bundle that's only about 6" across. Attachment pegs and lines make them quick and easy to string together. Perfect for holiday decorations on the boat or even a home or office.

West Marine $99   SALE $45   (I have a larger size set as well.)


Two each (sold as a pair only) Taylor F-7 and Taylor F-5 fenders. They are the hard to find F series with oval ends.

(The lighter weight G series is usually what you find in retail stores.)

Injection molded eyes are tested at 2000psi tensile strength.  Extremely heavy in construction and they can be deflated and stored flat.



F-7  15" x 41"  Never used. New $188  SALE $85ea/$170Pair


F-5  12" x 30"  Lightly used-excellent condition.

New $142ea   SALE $50ea/$100Pair




8- 1.25" streamline shaft zincs--made by Martyr (Canada Metal)

2- Hull bars measuring 2.5" x 5.5" x .75"--Martyr (Canada Metal)

Use the bars to make your own over the side zinc while in the slip. It does save your shaft zincs.


New- $15 ea for the shaft zincs; $27 ea for the hull zinc bars

Total cost new--$174 plus tax if bought locally.


SALE-$100 Package deal only (This is $20 less than if just bought the shaft zincs alone!)


Avon 310 Roll Up

Extremely clean-looks like a new boat. No water scum marks, no leaks, no repairs. It has always been cleaned after every use, dried and stored in it's bag.


Custom oars are lightweight wood and are 6 1/2 long when assembled. I had these custom built. You can row VERY well with these. Long distance rows are not a problem and they stow and ship easily.

Folding Wichard pad eyes for lifts, custom made Stainless Steel cap protects the top of the transom.

Easily planes off with 4 full size men and a 9.9 hp. Excellent directional control as it has an inflatable keel.

Comes with bag, pump and fiberglass seat (not in photos).

New $2750   SALE $1750

For more images, click here.

Original CQR #45.  It was used for 3 yr in the Chesapeake on a smaller boat, then stored below as a spare when I upgraded the boat.

I coated it at least once during use with cold zinc. NO RUST and has never seen a rock in it's life!

Discoloration is due to good ole' Chesapeake mud.  New $885-- SALE $450




Fortress FX-37 anchor. Hung on the front of the boat as a spare

to the normally used Delta. This is a big anchor, digs well, but lightweight.

Easily holds the boat in 40-50kts. when a storm blows thru.


Also includes the mud plams as seen in the smaller photo.

These plates support the anchor as it digs so that it works much better

in the mud of the Chesapeake.

This anchor also has the adjustable shank angle. 32 or 45 to better

suit your sand or mud use.


New $465--- SALE $300

All Fortress anchors have a lifetime replacement warranty for parts.



Custom Made Outboard Motor Mount

This motor mount is custom made from Star Board, the marine building material that does not warp or deteriorate. The standard mounts in the stores are either not wide enough nor long enough to spread the load of the motor down the length of the stanchion, are made from cheap plastic and are only rated for an 8hp motor.

I had this mount custom made to fully support a 10hp outboard. It has a sacrificial plate on the back that you can replace when it becomes chewed up from the motors mounting grips--thereby saving the Star Board mount itself.

It measures 8 1/8" wide by 12" long. It mounts at the T of any 1" railing. Includes SS hardware and SS cap nuts to protect against cuts on the exposed bolt heads.

SALE $75

Fortress FX-23 anchor. Used for 3 years in the Chesapeake then

got a bigger boat and stored it below as a spare.

Includes optional mud palms--not shown for this anchor. See photo above  for the FX-37 palms. 

These plates support the anchor as it digs so that it works much better

in the mud of the Chesapeake.

New $335  SALE $200

All Fortress anchors have a lifetime replacement warranty for parts.




Lifesling 2 Safety System

Perfect condition. It was on the boat for about 2 yrs and then removed and stored at my home. (I single hand. Who's going to throw it to me? ;-)  )

New $119    SALE $65

Bosun Chair with detachable pouch

New Condition. No abrasions, no marks. Still in the original heavy plastic bag it was sold in.

Each side has a large pouch with two separate sections. The bag hanging from the right side of the chair snaps on and off with snap buckles.

The seat is a about 2" thick with high density foam. It's very comfortable for long sits. You're strapped in with a quick release buckle that pulls the back support up snug for comfortable back support.

New $169  SALE $100






Please call me at 410-495-8410 if are interested in saving a lot of money!

T.O. Galloway